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Manpower Solutions

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Lloyds Security Services can help your company to foresee and benefit from the changes happening now and next in the modern-day world of work. We have vast experience in staffing and recruitment, training, outsourcing for all industries, skills and levels. We work in partnership with our clients to increase productivity through improved quality, efficiency and cost-reduction, enabling our clients to concentrate on their core business.

We provide staffing solutions across all skill sets to all sectors including public sector, production, warehouse, office, retail• Resources Solutions • Tailored Solutions • Reception/Concierge Services

Resources Solutions

One person or a whole team, permanent or temporary, only for a day or for six months, our experienced HR consultants listen to your needs, understand your business and present you with the right candidates with the right skills at the right time.We work with organisations of every size, in every sector and find candidates who are the perfect corporate and cultural match. We carryout 10 years vetting, screening and obtain references of every candidate. We assess their skills using our ‘Evaluate’ system. So you can focus on your core business and still have your pick of the best.

Tailored Solutions

Whatever your business is, whatever your sector of focus, LSS Solutions are tailored to your individual needs.We can assess your workforce requirements and further clarify your needs. Using sound methodologies, problem-solving capabilities and solid project management, our customised solutions allow you to focus on your core business.Through this innovative model we can strip out unnecessary process and cost and help your workforce increase their productivity.

Reception/Concierge Services

Our reception services include monitoring access of contractors, employees and visitors to facilities, issuing badges, maintaining logs, inspecting bags and packages and giving directions. Our officers are also assigned to lobby areas, controlling access to the buildings and functioning like a hotel concierge. All of these services help ensure that the environment for your employees and visitors is secure.


Any and every sector is our focus of attention be it permanent or temporary, office-based or the factory floor, customer service staff, individual placements or high volume, long-term or for a day, whatever the industry, role or level, Manpower and Manpower Professional will find you the best people. At LSS, when our staffs work for you, they’re employed by us. This means that we take responsibility for tax and NI deductions as well as redundancy rights, maternity pay, holiday and sick pay of these personnel.

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