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Global Risk Consultancy

Strategic Intelligence:

Lloyds Security Services can provide up to date geopolitical assessments of the Middle East and South Asia with regards to the latest political, economic and security changes that might have a direct impact on a business or bilateral ties of a government. We have professional access to the information from the and our in-country analysts have a mixture of government and commercial sector experience. Our aim is to keep the client informed of how their specific industry is targeted due to the changing strategic environment and how to forecast potential threats.

Political Risk:

Lloyds Security Services can provide a political update on the countries in question ranging from the stability of the government, to the opposition and trends that can bring about changes to the system thereby affecting governmental and commercial relations with foreign governments or companies. Lloyds can provide a daily, weekly and monthly bulletin highlighting the key political movements and why they matter for business and government.

Stabilization & Capability Development:

In post conflict areas, Lloyds Security Services can provide unique services such as local community leaders, access to the key figures on the ground complemented by providing the relevant context in which a government or company can operate successfully Lloyds Security Services can send top experts to accompany or be embedded with the client in-country so as to guide the projects.

Business Intelligence, Information Advantage & Due Diligence:

Lloyds Security Services can provide specific and general intelligence relating to security and commercial matters. We have a network of assets throughout the Middle East & South Asia where we leverage decades of government and corporate leadership to bring insights that can predict threats and ward off or mitigate against any unpleasant scenarios. We can identify market trends and help build a competitive advantage by highlighting existing and potential commercial rivals. We can investigate any corrupt practices and forewarn of any potential investment pitfalls.

Strategic Advice on new market entry:

Lloyds Security Services can help prepare businesses entering into a new market by extensive information on industry, atmospherics and socio-economic conditions. We can also provide guidance on tender and legal regulations and up to date changes to legislative orders impacting foreign investment into emerging and frontier markets. We can also help with relationship mapping and help understand who’s who of the business and political world.

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