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About Us

Lloyds Facilities ManagementĀ Ltd was formed to meet the dynamic changes taking place in the industry while offering superior customer service. We provide effective security solutions for the commercial and private sector.

Our senior management Staff consists of individuals having extensive experience in providing security services and/or the use of security services in business and industry. This team of managers is dedicated to ensuring that our client receives the very best service that can be rendered. These senior managers cover a variety of functions, but each has a special strength to bring to the team.

Since its inception, Lloyds Facilities ManagementĀ Ltd. has prided itself in providing the best possible security officer, the best management of the security effort for the client, and a program of ever improving quality. Our recruiting and training efforts have been designed to reduce turnover in the security force and minimize the resulting high cost and discontinuity of security for the client.

Our effort has always been to provide superior service to our client in every aspect of the security business. A senior manager is always available to assist the client in resolving any security problem which may arise. During the evening, night, and weekend shifts a manager is always available to receive your calls and to ensure that the quality level of our security service remains at optimum.


Our vision is to achieve and maintain a trusted and respected name throughout the national security industry. Our approach is to achieve success in the business by benefiting our stakeholders. Our mission statement has following key areas.


We have developed our operational structure to ensure the customers are provided high quality service which is competent and efficient. To ensure quality, we aim to maintain team of dedicated staff with up-to-date training to enhance our service delivery.


We aim to develop continuously to meet the changing requirements of our customers. For example, introducing new technologies and provide additional training to staff for these new technologies.

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